Interested in learning more about how your Mac, iPhone, or iPad works?  Want to take your professional development to the next level?  If so, there are several workshops, courses, and opportunities to learn about Apple, its hardware, its software, and its services.  There is a workshop or a class for everyone at every tech experience level and at every price point.  Read below to see some of the options available to you.

Apple Retail Store Workshops

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Apple offers free hour-long workshops in its retail stores on a wide variety of tops.  You can search within a store for the perfect workshop to meet your needs.  Topics range from Mac and iPad basics to support for your iPhone or Apple Watch, lessons on iMove or Pages or Keynote, and even lessons in Pro Apps like Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro.  Every store offers a different set of classes, so check all local sites to see what is available.

Visit: http://www.apple.com/retail/learn/

Apple Teacher Recognition

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In 2016, Apple launched the Apple Teacher program to better help educators to discover and grow with Apple devices and services.  The program is free, with quizzes about the Mac, iPad, and Swift Playgrounds.  Free resources are available on the iBooks Store to use to learn before taking the Apple Teacher quizzes.  Once you complete a level, you earn the Apple Teacher badge which can be displayed on your website or in your email signature.

Apple Professional Training and Certification

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If you’re serious about becoming an Apple expert and want to take your learning to the extreme, then the Apple Professional Training and Certification program is for you.  These are no-joke, professional IT certifications on Apple software and services that you can get, proving that you know all there is to know about Apple computers (not too dissimilar to a teaching certification).  Once completed, you’ll be a licensed Apple technologies user.  These test require a license fee and sometimes also a prerequisite class.